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Chris LoParco shares how to write a novel on Ceeya Weekly Talk

Chris LoParco shares how to write a novel on Ceeya Weekly Talk

Who is Chris LoParco?

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Chris LoParco's Ceeya page: https://ceeya.io/at/chrisloparco

Step 1: Passion

  • You should write about something you are passionate about.
  • If you don’t care about your story, then no one else will.
  • An author pours their heart into their tale, giving the audience a feeling of realness and excitement

Step 2: Choose Your Path

When starting out there are 2 main approaches you can take

  • Start with an engaging idea – what the story is about and what it will accomplish
  • Start with a character or characters and build the story around them

Step 3: The Character

The characters in your story are key

  • They are what make the story real for your audience
  • Readers like characters that they can relate to, that they can see themselves in
  • Make character outlines
  • Define their personality
  • Define their lives and history
  • Design characters that make their own choices

Step 4: What’s the Hook

What is the hook of your story

  • Define what the story is about
  • Define your Audience
  • Define what you want your audience to take away from your tale

Step 5: Outline

Keep a notebook

  • Start with a general outline – beginning, middle, end (3 Acts)
  • Then refine that outline
  • Finally outline each chapter

Step 6: Start Writing

It’s time to start your Rough Draft

  • Using your outline as a guide start writing
  • As you write imagine you are there
  • Imagine you are the characters and let them speak

Step 7: Magic Number

Q: How many times should you rewrite or edit your rough draft?

A: As many times as is needed

Step 8: You’re not done

These are the basic steps to starting your novel. Once you have written it there are more things you need to do

  • Edit – I suggest you use an outside editor
  • Set up the pages for print
  • Cover art
  • Interior art if you choose
  • Get Published – but that’s a story for another time

It’s a Wrap

Writing a novel is something that starts from within. You need to create characters and a story that people will relate to and fall in love with. You are creating a universe that is both believable and takes away your reader from reality.

I wish you all the best as you take your first steps along this amazing journey.

It is a labor of love and passion.

Let your story be told!

God Bless

You can find Chris LoParco's books and talk to him 1:1 through his Ceeya page: https://ceeya.io/at/chrisloparco